Thoughts From the Bench – Entry #3

April 11, 2018

To update my use of the GC initial™ LiSi Press lithium disilicate:

I am having great results using the pressable ceramic. I am finding it very easy to work with, and I am confident in the quality of the finished restoration.

I became aware of a research paper that compares GC initial™ LiSi Press and IPS e.max Press.      GC initial™ LiSi Press outperformed the IPS e.max Press samples. If you wish to view the research and results yourself, click the link below:

International Journal of Development Research Vol. 07, Issue 11, pp.16711-16716, November, 2017

Next month we’ll have information describing our use of the recently acquired Smile Lite M.D.P. (#6600) from Smile Line USA.

-Kurt Culp, BFA, MA, CDT