About Us

Culp Dental Technics, Inc. was started in September of 1997. I brought 16 years of on-the-job training at two different dental laboratories to the business. This experience, combined with six years of higher education obtaining a BFA and MA degree in Ceramics and Sculpture, gave me the confidence to start Culp Dental Technics, Inc.. With no accounts lined up, I left my employer, made the jump to business owner, and began running my own dental laboratory.

Working to produce the most accurate models from the impressions sent to the laboratory is the first, and most important step adhered to. From the very beginning, I realized the need to work with magnification in each of the many steps used in the lab to create restorations. I use Design for Vision, Inc.™ dental telescopes (one pair 3.5 dioptre, and another pair 4 dioptre) all through the workday. For added examination, I also use a microscope.

I am a Certified Dental Technician who has passed the testing for certification in the specialty of Ceramics, as well as the specialty of Crown & Bridge.

I have been a member of the Midwest Dental Lab Association since 1997, and I volunteered as a board member for fourteen years, serving as Education Committee Head, Treasurer, Vice President, and President.

My involvement with the MDLA solidified my commitment to stay current in the profession. This demands an on-going effort to attend hands-on courses, webinars, and continuing education events.

-Kurt Culp, BFA, MA, CDT