Thoughts From the Bench – Entry #6

June 4, 2019

Where has the time gone?!

I would like to discuss the PFM ceramics system I have been forced to acquire. When I say “forced”, I mean once again, the company supplying the system I have been using has stopped manufacturing that system without warning. At the beginning of my adventure into building my own dental lab, I chose a great porcelain system that was formulated very well, and the manufacturer offered great technical support. I was very excited about what I could do with that porcelain. In time though, this company decided to sell off its dental ceramics division to another large dental supply company, and the quality of the porcelain started to noticeably change. I ended up temporarily using three different porcelain systems, until I found satisfaction with the one that was recently discontinued.

I am able to state today, that the new system I am now using is GREAT! It handles similarly to that first system I began with and liked so much. I can even say that it has better formulations of some modifiers and shoulder porcelains, which makes it fun to create PFM restorations. There is still a place for the porcelain fused to metal restoration, and I am excited to say that I have a fantastic porcelain system to create them!

-Kurt Culp, BFA, MA, CDT